Experts say there's no reason to hoard food, supplies

Posted at 12:59 PM, Mar 21, 2020

It's a food frenzy like none we've ever seen - hoarding of paper products, people waiting for hours in line to score groceries for their family, and endless empty shelves, all because of an invisible enemy, COVID-19. Officials say there is plenty of food for everyone.

The chaos surrounding the coronavirus has rolled into grocery stores across the country. Customers hoarding more than just toilet paper. Shelves are largely bare as people frantically fill their fridges and freezer.

Leslie Sarasin, President & CEO of the Food Industry Association says there's more than enough food to go around during the coronavirus crisis, "We don't have anything to panic over -- if we will all just remain calm and we will go about our shopping and shop for shorter periods of time - like some of us have been shopping - then we will be just fine."

The USDA says inspections will "continue as normal" and are committed to keeping the "food supply safe."

As the food industry waits to catch up and fully stock the shelves once again, leaders around the country are urging calm.

The experts from suggest that your best bet is to stock up on foods that will last for a while like pasta, peanut butter and flour.