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Exclusive: Local crews go on rescue mission to Puerto Rico

Posted at 7:30 PM, Sep 27, 2017

It's being called a humanitarian crisis.

Millions of people struggling, suffering in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Maria left the island in ruins. So now that the airport has reopened people are mobilizing to help.

One local non-profit went to Puerto Rico to bring some people in desperate need to Florida.

For those crews, there's one missions and one mission only. Fly to San Juan and help as many people as they can.

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"Nervous. There's a lot of apprehension," said Tom Kiser on the trip.

Kiser is a former nurse from Chicago and has been in touch with his mother and sister in law, in San Juan.

"Starting to become fearful of staying," said Kiser.

Upon arrival in Puerto Rico, damage was visible from the air.

Driving the streets of San Juan you can see the damage and the desperation.

"Huge logistics problem," said one rescuer.

The crew arrived at the Egida del Medico, a retirement community.

Carmen Gomez, Kiser's mother in law was the main target.

"Nobody could imagine something like that," said Gomez.

She's struggling in that care facility, unable to even take an elevator up to her room.

"No food, water, no work," said Gomez.

Carmen said goodbye to her friends and got back on the plane.

When she arrived, a crowd was there to welcome them.

Tom reflects on the journey.

"The emotional tragedy, it just absolutely stares you in the face," said Kiser.

He breathes a sigh of relief, his family is safe.

"The goal was there. We rescued these people from a terrible situation and that's what we did," said Kiser.

Carmen, now stateside, is still thinking of her home.

"I hope that we will never have something like that," said Gomez.

Tom is taking his mother in law to her son in Providence Rhode Island.

The flight to Puerto Rico was paid for in donations from law firm Searcy Denney.