Man pleads guilty to egging home more than 100 times

Posted at 4:42 PM, Sep 01, 2016

A Euclid, Ohio man pleaded guilty on Thursday for pelting eggs at a home more than 100 times over the span of a year.

Jason Kozan pleaded guilty to inducing panic for throwing eggs and other objects at his neighbor's home for more than a year, a case that garnered national headlines. 

Kozan was arrested in March in connection with the vandalism. 

In an exclusive interview with at the time, Kozan adamantly denied the charges.

"I guess for some reason, they couldn't get a suspect so they had to do something to calm the media," Kozan said. "Let the jury decide. I have my evidence, evidence against Euclid Police, and whatever evidence they have on me, well, that's what the jury is for."

The egg splatter stripped the paint of the home and caused significant damage.

Kozan, 30, is scheduled to be sentenced Sept. 6. 


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