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Elizabeth Warren: 'I am not a' Democratic Socialist

Posted at 6:28 PM, Mar 09, 2019

(CNN) -- Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said Saturday that she is not a Democratic Socialist, drawing a line between herself and her Senate colleague and 2020 opponent Bernie Sanders whose views draw frequent comparisons between the two.

Warren made the comment at an event at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, where she was being interviewed by writer Anand Giridharadas, who asked her to explain the "crux of the difference" between her views and those of Sanders, an independent from Vermont who identifies as a Democratic Socialist. She also declined to go into details of a conversation she had with Sanders in which he reportedly discouraged her from running for president.

"Bernie has to speak to what Democratic Socialism is," replied Warren, who represents Massachusetts in the Senate.

"And you are not one?" Giridharadas asked.

"I am not. And the centrists have to speak to whatever they are doing. What I can speak is to is how I am doing," Warren said.

She continued: "All I can tell you is what I believe. And that is there is an enormous amount to be gained from markets. That markets create opportunities."

"Markets have to have rules. They have to have a cop on the beat," she said, adding that "markets without rules are theft."

Asked earlier about the dinner, Warren said she was keeping details of the conversation to herself.

"Bernie and I had a private dinner. My view is that dinner stays private," Warren said.

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