Drunk woman walks into Michigan home, plays with dog while boy hides under bed

Posted: 7:31 AM, Oct 21, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-21 07:31:09-04

(WDIV/NBC) Police said a woman randomly walked into the Michigan home, played with the family's dog and started cooking while a 10-year-old boy was upstairs.

"He said she sounded drunk," homeowner John Sueta said. "So (my son) grabbed a BB gun, hid under the bed and called 911."

"Some random person is in my house trying to steal my dog," the child told the 911 operator.

Police said the woman was nearly naked and under the influence of alcohol when she walked into the home Wednesday evening.

She quickly made friends with Grayson, the family's dog, then she went looking for food.

"My wife had a crockpot of turkey in here," Sueta said. "She must not have liked that, because she had the oven going and a package of meat out on the counter, some milk and hummus, and made a big mess on the counter."

Upstairs, Sueta's son could hear the commotion.

"My brother has a BB gun, should I--?" the boy started to ask the operator.

"No. No. Just stay under the bed," the operator told him.

Sueta's son listened to the operator and stayed under the bed. That's when things got even stranger.

"Her nightgown was found a few blocks away," Sueta said. "She put on my son's jersey -- his football jersey -- and my tennis shoes. Then, I don't know, she must have went out back with the dog to jump on the trampoline."

Police showed up and arrested the woman and said the young man showed good instincts.

"He protected his house," Jim Nardone, director of Trenton, Mich., police, said. "He protected the family pet. We're proud of this young man. He did a great job. I'd love to sign him up for the next police academy. He's a little too young, but maybe someday."

The woman was taken to jail in the football jersey. The family got the jersey back, and the boy wore it Thursday night at the junior varsity game.

Courtesy: WDIV via NBC News Channel