Drunk Uber driver slams into empty tour bus

Posted at 8:05 AM, Mar 03, 2016
SAN DIEGO – A suspected drunk Uber driver crashed into the side of an empty tour bus and then scuffled with officers overnight Wednesday in the Gaslamp Quarter.
At around midnight, the Uber driver ran a red light at 6th Avenue and F Street and smashed into the side of an empty charter tour bus. Both vehicles were totaled. The driver had an injured shoulder, but was not hurt, police said. 
Witnesses told 10News the man failed a DUI test and fought with officers when they tried to arrest him. He also allegedly told officers that he was on his way to pick up a fare when the crash occurred and bragged that he was going 105 miles per hour.  
However, an Uber spokesperson told 10News that the driver was not working at the time of the crash, and had not worked since Feb. 28. The spokesperson added that if a driver is linked to any alcohol-related incidents, he/she is immediately deactivated.
"He was getting belligerent, he was bragging about going 105 or whatever and he hit something,” Brandon Hendrix told 10News. “They asked if he was OK and he started getting really belligerent. He ended up getting tackled to the ground and they had to put a bag over his head because he was spitting on the cops or the firefighters."
The suspect’s name and the exact charges he will face were not immediately confirmed. 
Uber later issued the following statement to 10News: 
"We have a zero tolerance policy for using or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving on the Uber platform. This individual was not logged in to the Uber app at the time this incident occurred or on his way to pick up a rider. We are clearly disappointed that this occurred and have permanently removed this driver-partner's access to the Uber platform."