Dog thankful after rescue from icy waters

Posted at 5:45 AM, Jan 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-05 05:45:11-05

(KSL/NBC) Fire rescue crews in Utah got a special thank you from a dog they rescued after it fell through the ice at a frozen pond.

The dog, Tucker, fell through the thin ice while being walked around noon Monday.

The dog's owner attempted to get Tucker out by using a rope but called 911 when it failed.

Fortunately, the nearest fire station also happened to have a water-rescue suit.

Once Tucker was home and had a hot bath, firefighters got a photo to say thanks.

Tucker wasn't the only dog stuck in icy water Monday.  Firefighters had to use a ladder to help rescue another dog in the area from frigid waters.

Firefighters say if you're heading out with your four-legged friends this winter be careful.

"Be aware of your animals. Be their advocate. They're not going to know that the ice is dangerous, so if you're going to bring them around those areas, make sure they're on leash," said Capt. Nathan Bogenschutz with the Unified Fire Authority.

Both dogs were checked out and are doing just fine.

Firefighters say you should never try and rescue an animal or person by yourself.  Always call 911.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel