Did city of Clinton, Indiana really try to change its name because of Hillary?

Posted at 3:24 PM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 17:34:34-04

CLINTON, Ind. – Think an Indiana city would go so far as to change its name to avoid being associated with presidential candidates? Well that’s what one news article from America News Project is reporting of Clinton, in western Indiana.

The article has made the rounds on social media with many enthusiastically sharing it as fact, but it's not true. 

The article titled, “Small Indiana Town to Change Name to Avoid Clinton Reference,” said the city’s mayor, whom is a Democrat and not named in the article, announced the change on Monday. It continued to state the city’s name would change to DeWitt, the first name of the person whom the city was originally named after.

In the American News Project article, the mayor states:

"I cannot stand to see Hillary Clinton win the presidency. That name has been haunting me ever since her husband had the affair. I do not want our city to be associated with the Clintons, who are very crooked politicians. That is why I plan to change the name of our city."

There is no record the city’s actual mayor, Democrat Jack Gilfoy, made these comments.

America News Project claims to be a satirical news website that publishes fictitious articles at least once a day, according to its Facebook page.

“Real names may be used in our publications, often to mock politicians. All news articles from the America News Project are presumed to be fake in nature. Articles that have any resemblance to the truth is coincidental.”

The site’s mission: “To make people laugh about our "shocking" news articles, and to share our stories around the nation.”

So what's next, social sharers? An article about people who don't want to play Euchre anymore so they don’t have to say “Trump”?