Deadly biker gangs brawl began with restroom fight

Posted at 8:19 AM, May 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-19 08:20:32-04

A fight involving five biker gangs in Waco, Texas began in a restaurant restroom.

Law enforcement officials said at least 172 individuals have been arrested and booked in jail in connection to the May 17, 2015 fight, which led to nine deaths. Those booked are being charged with engaging in organized crime.

The incident in the restroom may have been a parking dispute, and it escalated when those involved used chains, clubs and knives to attack each other. Shootings began when the fight spilled out into the parking lot.

The gangs also opened fired on police officers who arrived at the scene.

Police said they pleaded with the restaurant not to host the biker rally, but were ignored, according to police.

The Twin Peaks restaurant has been temporarily closed by the local alcoholic beverage commission. Police warn there is a still a danger of bikers throughout Waco continuing the fight, and residents are asked to remain vigilant.

An additional 18 people were injured during the shootout.