Daycare worker loses job after video of kids cursing goes viral

Posted at 1:51 PM, Oct 08, 2016

A Pennsylvania daycare is coming under fire after a worker allegedly prompted four-year-olds to curse on camera.

The video wound up on Facebook and now Allentown police are investigating.

The 4-year-old's cursing, at the prompting of an adult, don't know what they are saying.

But Jhanee Ivy says a worker at Creative Minds Daycare in Allentown made them say it, and after they said it, she allegedly sent the video to her friends.

Ivy said, "As soon as she sent me the videos, I immediately called her back and told her that wasn't funny and she is working at a facility with children that don't belong to her and the parents are trusting her and it's not okay to do that."

Ivy says she called the daycare to let them know about the videos and posted it on line so parents of the children involved would be able to identify their kids and take action.

Isla Millan, a mother of one of the children, said, "I was disgusted, I was upset, I felt embarrassed. More just surprised also because I never thought something like this would happen to my child."

Millan says her daughter is in the video and cried when she was asked about what happened.

Millan says her daughter claims the worker also recorded the children dancing and that the worker kissed her on the cheeks and forehead.

When asked for a comment, a worker at the daycare center said, "The matter is being investigated by multiple agencies, I can't comment."

Millan pulled both her children out of the daycare and called local and county child welfare agencies.

The Allentown police department says it is now investigating.

Ivy says the worker has been fired from her job.

A call was made to the home of the worker who allegedly shot the video.

A family member answered the phone and said she had no comment, but that the worker was so upset by the situation she required medical attention.