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Cursive writing could come back to New Jersey schools under new bill

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 04, 2019

NEW JERSEY — An assemblywoman is trying to sign classroom cursive lessons into law in New Jersey.

The bill would require schools to help students learn how to read and write in cursive by the end of third grade. Cursive was dropped from curricula after Common Core standards changed in 2010

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight, the bill's sponsor, noted children often enter middle school without knowing how to sign their own names.

“We are doing our children a disservice by not teaching them a vital skill they will need for the rest of their lives," she said in a release.

The bill is headed to the Assembly Education Committee for review.

“Our world has indeed become increasingly dependent on technology, but how will our students ever know how to read a scripted font on a word document, or even sign the back of a check, if they never learn to read and write in cursive?” McKnight said. “This bill will ensure every young student in New Jersey will have this valuable skill to carry with them into adulthood.”

This article was written by Aliza Chasan for WPIX .