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Chris Watts reportedly moved to Wisconsin prison

Posted at 7:24 AM, Dec 07, 2018

The man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in Colorado is likely now in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. 

According to media reports, including Radar Online, Chris Watts, 33, was transferred to Dodge County Correctional Institution last week. 

Watts eventually confessed to killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters in August. He took a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced to five life sentences. 

The Wisconsin Department of Corrections would not confirm whether Watts is in its custody but released the following statement: 

"The Department of Corrections is not confirming the location or disclosing the identity of inmates who may have been transferred to Wisconsin under the Interstate Corrections Compact. Questions should be referred to the state correctional agency which transferred the inmate."

On the Wisconsin Department of Corrections website, there is a link to send money to inmates. A Chris Watts, with the same date of birth, is listed on the Wisconsin DOC commissary listing. The site only lists Watts as being in the Wisconsin DOC, however, Radar Online says he is specifically being held at the Dodge County Correctional Institution.

Dodge County Correctional Institution is the same prison where other notorious killers like Ed Gein, the man who inspired the movie Psycho, have been held. 

"I'm not able to confirm any information regarding the possible location of inmate Christopher Watts," a Dodge County Correctional Institution spokesperson said.

According to the Colorado Department of Corrections, high-profile prisoners can be moved to another state's system for safety reasons under the Interstate Compact. These moves are not always permanent. 
Shannann Watts' family was notified of the move.