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Chipotle customers sue over 300-calorie burrito

Posted at 9:45 AM, Nov 22, 2016

A case of customers feeling too full after eating an alleged 300-calorie chorizo burrito has landed Chipotle in the courtroom.

A proposed class action lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges the chain restaurant "misrepresents the nutritional value of its food products and provides more calories than advertised," according to multiple reports.

The sign in question has been shared on social media, with questions directed at the popular restaurant chain.



The tweet did get a response from the official Chipotle Twitter account, seeming to acknowledge the confusion.




One of the plaintiffs, David Desmond, ordered a chorizo burrito on Nov. 3 after seeing a sign stating "300 calories" on the item. However, Desmond ate the burrito he "felt excessively full and realized the burrito couldn't have been just 300 calories."

So, how many calories does this burrito really contain?

According to numbers published by Slate writer L.V. Anderson, who used the Chipotle online nutritional calculator, the burrito totals nearly 1,100 calories.

Desmond and two other plaintiffs, Edward Gurevich and Young Hoon Kim filed the complaint and hope to cover all people who purchased food at Chipotle over the last four years. 

Chipotle has made no other comment about the case.