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Candy bandits steal thousands of dollars worth of sweets

Posted at 6:18 PM, Sep 19, 2017

Police in Ohio are looking for thieves who made away with massive amounts of candy at a Garfield Heights convenience store.

According to detectives, a Cleveland-area Speedway convenience store has been robbed of tens of thousands of dollars in sweets.

Garfield Heights Police said they have been working this case since June.

“We're getting calls after the fact because when they're doing their inventory, then they're discovering the shortage,” said Detective Phillip Herron.

The surveillance video shows the robber walking in, followed by several other people.

“This guy’s got a bag, he's shoving all kinds of candy and there's a lot of people in that store, and not one person has called us, alerted us,” said Herron.

The manage of the Speedway declined to comment on the robberies. Herron said the manager has also declined to speak to police.

“As far as getting cooperation from employees in the store, we're not getting a lot of cooperation,” he said.

So where is all this candy going? Herron said the robbers are most likely not eating it all, but reselling it.

“Either take that candy and resell it to a store,” he said. “We got information from other cities that, some of these inner-city stores are buying the stolen candy for pennies on the dollar and they'll be able to resell it and make a bigger profit.”

Back in July of 2016, thieves stole hundreds of dollars worth of candy at the Speedway in nearby Berea. Police in Middleburg Heights, another nearby Cleveland suburb, also confirmed a similar robbery earlier this year.

The detective said the black market is becoming a bigger business on the streets. He said all the cases could possibly be linked.

So far, Middleburg Heights said no arrests have been made in their case. Berea Police have not responded to requests for updates.