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Anti-Trump protesters take to the streets in New York, Chicago

Posted at 8:15 PM, Nov 09, 2016

A day after Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, protesters took to the streets in New York City to voice their displeasure with the president elect. Initial reports estimate that at least 5,000 people swarmed the streets in midtown Manhattan.

NBC News reports that in New York City, despite the rain, thousands of protesters could be heard chanting and banging drums as they marched past Rockefeller Center up Sixth Avenue.

Protesters gathered outside Trump Tower. reciting a chant echoed throughout the country: "Not my president, not today."

Early Wednesday morning pop star Lady Gaga stood atop a sanitation truck outside Trump Tower, holding a sign that read: "Love trumps hate.".

Protesters also took to the streets in Chicago outside of Trump's skyscraper on the Chicago River. This after students in Oakland, California walked out of class in protest of a Trump presidency.

In Austin, Texas, protesters blocked a highway, while across the country, students walked out of class in high schools and colleges across the country, CNN further reports.

Flag-burning, a common theme in the protests, was seen nationwide, including in Washington, D.C.

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Anti-Trump protestors take to the streets in New York, Chicago

View video of the protests below via Facebook Live.