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Alabama police officer blocks traffic, helps dancer shoot audition video for Janet Jackson

Posted at 10:08 AM, Apr 26, 2018

An aspiring dancer from Alabama thought she would be ticketed — or worse — by a Birmingham police officer after he approached her about dancing in the middle of a street.

Lala Diore, who has been dancing since she was 3, according to WBRC-TV in Birmingham, was filming an audition video to send to singer Janet Jackson while Officer Philip Jones was driving by.

According to Diore's Facebook post, Jones told Diore that she shouldn't be in the middle of the street, but quickly changed his tune.

"So you are risking getting hurt for this," Jones asked, according to Diore's Facebook post. "...okay I’ll stop traffic for you and cut my lights on, show me what you got."

Jones then blocked traffic with his cruiser, and turned up his headlights to help Diore get the shot. 

"This has actually showed the world and the community that police officers are not just out here to harass people or that we’re being mean and uptight," Jones told WBRC. "It shows we are human and we can have a little fun."