Airline accidents down significantly in 2015

Posted at 10:36 AM, Feb 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-15 10:36:05-05

(CNN NEWSOURCE) Flying the friendly skies is now the safest it’s been in the past five years.

Airline accidents dropped significantly last year.

The International Air Transport Association reported four accidental airline crashes in 2015 with 136 deaths. That's a huge drop from the year before.

In 2014, 641 people died in airline accidents. The tally did not include two major plane crashes that were caused deliberately.

The crash of Germanwings-9525 in the French Alps was blamed on pilot suicide. 150 people were killed.

The crash of Metrojet 9268 in Egypt was blamed on terrorism. 224 people were killed.  

Most aircraft accidents are non-fatal.

The IATA said there were 68 total accidents last year, compared to 77 the year before.