A Utah man born without limbs has no limits when he dances

You don't need legs to dance or hands to touch a soul
Posted at 7:20 AM, Apr 18, 2019
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A Utah man born with Hanhart syndrome is on a mission to prove what disability truly means.

You can tell how well a motivational speaker is doing by how quickly the audience pays attention.

Whenever Gabe Adams enters a room he has them right away. No one is ever quite sure what to say.

Especially when he's out in public.

"It hurts sometimes but it's definitely something that's going to happen to me everywhere I go, no matter what" Adams said.

Adams, who lives in Layton, Utah can feel all those looks.

"People are people so you just gotta let it go" says Adams.

His biological parents let him go when he was born without arms and legs.

However, his adoptive parents gave him love and confidence to do anything.

It takes strength when you're on the brink of giving up.

"I got bullied in the seventh grade to where I had to switch schools," said Adams.

That's where he discovered dancing and entered a talent show.

"I did that dance in front of the entire school and got a standing ovation" Adams said.

He'll never forget that moment when people saw him for what he could do.

"I found out that I could do hard things," Adams said.

Now, cell phones are easy when you have lips, and writing messages only takes a chin.

"That's always why I have to laugh when people tell me that my story is so inspiring because it's just my daily life," said Adams.

He travels the country motivating others changing the perception of what being disabled is where you don't need legs to dance, or hands to touch a soul.

"Exactly, it’s what everybody wants and I think whether somebody has a disability or not, all they want is to be treated like everybody else," says Adams.

As Adams often says if he can do something, anybody can.

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