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A diverse America has many varieties of holiday dishes on the table

A look at how people from around the world feast during the holidays.
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Posted at 4:21 PM, Dec 13, 2022

The holidays are a time to be with family, and to eat!

From the typical turkey to a beloved dessert that you have just during the festive season, America's many cultures come together to show that the holiday cuisine in the United States is many different flavors with many influences.

Here's a look at some of the cultures that call America home and the dishes they bring to celebrate holiday time.

Haiti and Pen Patate

Pen Patate could be a dessert you might see on the Christmas or Thanksgiving table at one of your Haitian friend's homes. As Black Foodie writes, this dessert contains sweet potatoes, raisins and bananas. It is baked to create a sweet and satisfying end to a holiday meal.

The dish is vegetarian and can even be vegan with substitutions.

El Salvador and Panes con Pavo (or Chumpe)

This typical Salvadoran sandwich can use turkey as a main ingredient, but other meats could also work.

As 196 Flavors describes it, the name means "turkey bread" in Spanish, and turns typically dry turkey or chicken into something that is tender, with flavor. Vegetables should be julienned then pickled in vinegar, and the sauce is made by first roasting the vegetables to create a rich flavor.

Cooked Turkey is brushed with lime juice, mustard and Worcestershire sauce, among other flavors. Then the sandwich is assembled to create a meal that could be a main dish.

Mexico and Oaxacan stuffing

One of Mexico's most famous places, Oaxaca, has influenced those who have stuffing on Christmas and Thanksgiving.
The savory sort of bread pudding mixes sweet, salty, spicy and even smoky flavors, creating something that would surely be impressive at any holiday meal.

Saveur's take on the dish has some of what you might already expect in a stuffing recipe, like celery and onions, but with some of what Oaxaca's influence brings. Use pitted prunes, poblano chilies, orange zest and more to mix in with wheat bread.

Colombia and Tamales

You can mix in some foods you might see during the November and December holiday season in the U.S., with varieties of cuisines you might have not tried before.

Colombia is known for their amazing tamales, and as Hispanic Kitchen writes, the delicious banana leaf-wrapped Colombian version of tamales is quite the warm and savory staple on nearly every Colombian's table at Christmas time, and the holidays.

With a filling made of pork, or chicken or possibly even turkey, steamed inside of the "masa" or dough, they would make a satisfying, flavorful and comforting addition to the Thanksgiving holiday table too.

Vietnam and Turkey Rice Porridge

With Vietnamese turkey rice porridge, or Cháo Gà Lôi, according to, dry turkey becomes a savory and satisfying rice porridge. It can be adjusted to many tastes and brings Vietnamese flavors that make up part of what's so special about Southeast Asian cuisine.

You'll need a big stock pot, rice, a nice amount of fresh ginger, onions, fish sauce, sugar for sweetness and your leftover turkey. It's even recommended to throw in the bones for more flavor. has a nice take on the recipe you may love.