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7-month-old baby hospitalized with blood alcohol level 3 times the adult legal limit

Posted at 4:04 PM, Mar 07, 2019

A 7-month-old baby in Ohio was hospitalized earlier this week with a blood alcohol level three times the limit of what an adult could drive with after she was left with a family member while her mother was working, according to a Cleveland police report.

On Sunday, Cleveland police responded to University Hospitals of Cleveland Medical Center when a woman arrived with an infant who was unresponsive and limp, the report states.

Hospital workers did a drug panel and then administered naloxone, believing the child may have overdosed, the report stated. Test results later indicated that the girl had a BAC of 0.25, which is over three times the legal limit for an adult behind the wheel.

The mother told police that she left the child with a family member while she went to work. When the mother picked up her daughter, she noticed that the baby “was very tired and not acting herself” and she was getting worse.

Police were told a family member might have put liquor in a bottle to get the child to stop crying and fall asleep, according to the report.

Cleveland police detectives are investigating the case.