Video: 7 key pieces of theater shooting evidence - Videos from the trial of James Holmes

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jul 13, 2015

Attorneys have referenced having more than 70,000 pages of discovery in the Aurora movie theater shooting case, but not all of that has been admitted as evidence for the jury to consider during their deliberations.

Still, the 12 voting jurors will have a massive amount of evidence available to them during their deliberations. Here are seven key and memorable pieces of evidence they'll have the chance to review, if they choose:

1. Portion of interview with gunman, after his arrest, in the Aurora Police Department's headquarters. 

2. Audio recording of gunman describing traps inside his apartment during an interview with the FBI. 

3. Aurora Police Department CSI counted evidence of 76 fired rounds inside the theater.

4. Gunfire and screams heard on 911 call made during the shooting. 

5. Dr. William Reid recorded approximately 22-hours of his interviews with the gunman for his court-ordered sanity evaluation.  In this clip, the gunman told Dr. Reid, "I knew it was legally wrong."

6. The gunman's notebook, which was mailed to his psychiatrist and discovered after the shooting, is revealed to the public for the first time. It contains drawings and writings about his plans for the shooting.

7. Video shows gunman purposefully falling off the bed in his jail cell. The defense showed this as one of several videos from November of 2012, in support of their argument that the gunman's mental illness worsened during this portion of his incarceration.