3 Tips to Become the Next American Ninja Warrior

Posted at 12:07 PM, Jan 04, 2017

The NBC hit show American Ninja Warrior just wrapped its casting call for the upcoming season. If you want to get in ninja shape for next year’s tryouts you better start now. Teresa Strasser met up with American Ninja Warrior’s April Gould to get three surprising steps that everyday people are taking to become the next ANW champ.

1.  Get In Ninja Shape

Training is very different from the typical dumbbells and weights. Just put things on the wall and climb on them. You can also find American Ninja Warrior Gyms.  They are in most major cities.

2.  Have a Compelling Story

Ninja Warrior candidate Eric Sabourin has already battled the obstacles of life -- being diagnosed with scoliosis at only 13 years of age. The casting people at this popular show love an endearing story, so be prepared to open up.

3.  Make a Great Application Video

Old school ninjas didn't have smartphones, but you do and you can use it to slice up a great application video. This video is the most important part of the whole process. You have to catch the producers attention so be energetic and, keep that energy going for the required 2-3 minute length.

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