3 steps to quit your job without burning bridges

Posted at 1:43 PM, Apr 11, 2017

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average worker holds 10 different jobs before age 40 and that number is growing. We're seeing people move jobs every two years and it is not being a red flag to employers anymore. If you've going to quit, Theresa Maher at HireStory says you should do it right. Jimmy Rhoades sat down with her to find out the three steps on how to resign without burning bridges.

So let's blow past the obvious: Unless you just won the PowerBall, have your next gig lined up before quitting your current one and give proper notice. Then it's time for the first step…

1.  Actually Resign

Don’t text in your notice and be sure to write a nice resignation letter. If it's been awhile then Google the right format for a business letter, make sure it's complete sentences, have somebody review it and don't have any grammar mistakes.

2.  Move Out

Of course that means the removing that art by your children, but it means covering your digital tracks, too. Cleaning out your work computer means more than deleting files. Get rid of personal information, or if you have auto-passwords or auto-sign-in on your computer, wipe them as well.

3.  Get Work Samples

Make sure that you have all the clearances of anything that might be proprietary information and if you're not sure, at the time of your resignation letter is the appropriate time to ask. You do not want to be accused of corporate espionage on the way out the door, so get permission.

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