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10 serious crimes that were published on Facebook

Posted at 11:54 AM, Apr 17, 2017

The recorded killing of an innocent man walking on a Cleveland street is the latest to be published to a public Facebook audience.

On Easter Sunday, a man named Steve Stephens allegedly published to Facebook a video of what appears to be him approaching an innocent man walking along 93rd Street in the large Ohio city, then shooting and killing him. Stephens is on the run, and a massive manhunt was under way Monday morning.

GALLERY: 10 times a serious crime was captured on Facebook

This is not the first incident in which Facebook was a platform for a suspect or criminal to show footage of something so gruesome.

Chicago manhunt, March 2016
A suspect was sought at the end of March in 2016 after he recorded a live-stream video while firing multiple gunshots at a Chicago man. The footage went viral, and police used the video to investigate the incident. It happened on a weekend where Chicago experienced an extremely high shootings rate. This incident was believed to be gang-related.

Antonio Perkins shooting
28-year-old Antonio Perkins was using Facebook Live when he was shot by a barrage of bullets. He was pronounced dead about 15 minutes later with bullets wounds to the neck and head. Police suspect gang-related violence.

French terrorist makes threats on Facebook, June 2016
Larossi Abballa, an Islamic extremist, was in France in June 2016 when he took a couple and their toddler son hostage. He posted a Facebook video while in the couple's home and admitted to stabbing the police commander. He also claimed it was because of the couple's professions and the act was committed in allegiance to ISIS. At the scene, police found a hit list that included celebrities. Facebook told CNN it doesn't comment on active investigations and that it works quickly to remove any content supporting terrorism.

Triple shooting in Norfolk, Virginia
On July 12, 2016 Tommy Williams and his two friends were sitting in a car in Norfolk, Virginia, smoking marijuana and listening to rap music. Williams was live streaming when a spray of bullets crashed through his windshield. Williams his friends were transported to a local hospital, but the video continued to stream from the floor of his car until police found his phone.

Tony Angelo Roundtree was arrested in connection with the case on Aug. 4. He was charged with three counts of malicious wounding, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and maliciously shooting at an occupied motor vehicle.

Memphis bar shooting
A woman was using Facebook Live when gunshots rang out at O’Cielo Mexican Bar and Grill in Memphis, Tennessee on Dec. 14. One man, 43-year-old Alvin Hart, was killed in the incident, and another was wounded.

Police say Hart was killed when the bar’s bouncer, David Alexander, returned fire after gunshots were aimed at the building. He was charged with reckless homicide, aggravated assault and acting as security guard without registration.

Gang rape in Sweden, January 2017
Police said it wasn't difficult to track down three men suspected of raping a woman in Sweden because they broadcasted via Facebook Live, in a group. Several of those who saw it reported it to police, and they were able to find the apartment where it happened.

2-year-old killed in Chicago
On Valentine’s Day, 2017, a woman was using Facebook Live when a gunman opened fire on a car in Chicago. A two-year-old boy, identified as Lavontay White, Jr. and a 26-year-old man were killed during the shooting.

The woman, who was pregnant at the time, was wounded in the shooting. Both she and her baby survived the shooting.

Tennessee police shooting
On March 19, Rodney James Hess of New Orleans was live-streaming a standoff with police when he was shot and killed on a highway in rural Tennessee. Hess was reportedly parked perpendicular in traffic, asking to speak to a ranking officer or a “higher command.” Police say Hess had attempted to strike officers with his car and refused to follow officer’s commands.

Cleveland strip club shooting
On Feb. 28, four men were involved in a standoff with police officers outside of a Cleveland strip club. After a routine traffic stop, two men willingly exited the car, but two other armed men refused to cooperate with police officers. While police surrounded the car, Antonio Powell posted a Facebook Live, claiming his innocence.