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President Trump tweets that he won't sign infrastructure legislation without funding for wall

Posted at 7:55 AM, Dec 20, 2018

Hours after reports indicated that he was open to signing a government spending bill without getting funding for his proposed border wall on the southern border, President Trump tweeted Thursday morning that he wouldn't sign infrastructure legislation that did not include funding for a wall.

"The Democrats, who know Steel Slats (Wall) are necessary for Border Security, are putting politics over Country. What they are just beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect Border Security. U.S.A. WINS!" Trump tweeted.

A spending bill that would fund infrastructure improvements across the country has widely been seen as a way for Trump to bridge the partisan gap between Republicans and Democrats. Leaders of both parties have indicated that they would be open to passing infrastructure legislation — with caveats .

Trump had threatened a partial government shutdown if a spending bill did not include $5 billion in funding for a border wall with Mexico, but Trump has signaled that he would sign a stop-gap spending bill passed by the Senate Wednesday evening that did not include funding for the wall. That spending bill still needs to be passed by the Senate.