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Washington driver gets 'A for effort' and $228 ticket for altered license sticker

Posted at 10:02 AM, Sep 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-10 10:02:24-04

SEATTLE (AP) — A Washington motorist who police say used a black marker to try to make the vehicle-tab sticker on the license plate appear current received an A for effort along with a $228 ticket for expired tabs.

The Seattle Times reports that Washington State Patrol spokeswoman Heather Axtman tweeted a photo of the doctored tabs Thursday, noting the "coloring skills are kind of on point."

She told the newspaper that it was an "A for effort" and one of the more creative ones she's seen.

However, Axtman said, the effort with the black marker wasn't good to fool a trooper in Snohomish County.