Plane's parachute-landing caught on camera

Posted at 5:30 AM, Mar 08, 2016

(WNBC/NBC) They say any landing you can walk away from is a good one.  That phrase has new meaning for a father and daughter in New York. 

Cameras happened to be rolling the moment a single engine plane they were flying suddenly fell from the sky.

The wreck Saturday around 3 p.m.

The pilot, Louis Obergh, and his daughter were onboard a single engine plane when Obergh said the engine died.

Video shows the Cirrus SR22 hitting the ground with a red-and-white parachute attached to it blooming above it before draping over the roof of the single-story building.

The tail of the plane goes up, then dips down, and seconds later the father and daughter walk away with only one scratch to the father's forehead. His daughter was not injured.

Courtesy: NBC NewsChannel