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Vape pen charger sparks fire, destroys SUV, according to driver

Posted at 11:34 AM, Jun 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-28 11:34:25-04

WOODHAVEN, Mich.-- A woman says a vape pen charger sparked a fire that destroyed her SUV.

It happened Thursday as Crystal Mounts and her 5-year-old son sat in their parked SUV outside a Woodhaven, Michigan restaurant.

Mounts says when she took the batteries out of the vape charger, sparks flew and started a fast-moving fire inside the vehicle.

"And when I went to take it off it shot sparks. There was just a bag kind of nearby where it was charging. I realized there was too much smoke in the car for the bag to all ready be out. So that's when I realized the fire was under the pedals," Mounts said.

She and her son escaped the flames but by the time firefighters arrived, the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames. "I would say that within maybe 45 seconds it was a little fire turning into a bigger fire," she said.

Mounts says she could only sit and watch her vehicle get destroyed.

Her advice: "Definitely be careful with vape batteries. They can shock. The catch on fire obviously. So definitely be careful with them."