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Trooper Ben Gardner: Kansas trooper posts emotional video at fatal crash scene

Kansas Trooper Ben Gardner
Posted at 6:13 AM, Jan 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-23 06:13:44-05

TOPEKA, Kan. — A video posted by a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper on social media has captured a lot of attention.

Ben Gardner -- known as "Trooper Ben” -- recorded the video at the scene of a fatal car wreck Tuesday.

Ashlen Lemon, 19, was killed when she lost control of her vehicle on an icy road and struck a guard rail.

Clearly affected by the wreck, Gardner urges everyone to be careful on the road.

In the video he says the following:

"Hey, it's Trooper Ben with the Kansas Highway Patrol. I'm on scene at the significant wreck at the 293 Eastbound and it's devastating. It is. Please, consider your safety in your travels. Do you need to be out on the roadways? How are you driving your vehicle? What are you doing to keep yourself as safe as you can for what can be taking place around you? Be safe everyone," said Gardner.

The video was posted on the Kansas Highway Patrol Troop C's Facebook page and shared thousands of times in just a few hours.