Are 2 breakfasts better than none?

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Researchers suggest eating more for breakfast can actually help you keep the weight off.

A new study published in Pediatric Obesity tracked over 500 students in grades five through seven: those who didn't eat breakfast, those who ate at home or school and those who ate both at home and school.

The researchers didn't see a significant obesity risk in the kids who ate breakfast twice. However, for the kids who skipped breakfast, the obesity risk doubled.

While two breakfasts might be better than none, the study isn't saying you should feast on unhealthy helpings.

One of the study's authors said: "It's not like these kids are eating two breakfasts of donuts. School breakfasts are very healthy. It's fruit and low-fat dairy and whole grains, so you could almost think of it as a healthy snack."

The researchers say the findings confirm how important breakfast is — even though a 2011 study estimated 31 million Americans skip the "most important meal of the day."

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