'Runaway unicorn' prompts police chase

Posted at 6:12 AM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 15:53:36-05

(KSEE/NBC) It was a scene right out of a child's imagination -- a unicorn loose on a California highway.

A 20-year-old pony named Juliette spends her days making people's dreams come true by posing as a unicorn in photoshoots.

However, on Wednesday Juliette got loose while still wearing her unicorn horn.

Residents tried to catch her for hours with the help of the California highway patrol as she ran dangerously close to traffic.

Finally, a resident who owned a horse that Juliette was familiar with managed to bring the "unicorn" back home.

Juliette's owners say they are making changes to make sure she doesn't get loose again.

The pony was not hurt and no injuries were reported. The pony's owner was not issued a citation.

Courtesy: NBC News Channel