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'Please Stay Home For Us': Nurses make plea for you to stay home amid coronavirus

Posted at 10:55 AM, Mar 20, 2020

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A plea from the medical community is coming from nurses at a Texas intensive care unit, asking residents to remain indoors.

Nurses at a Corpus Christi, Texas, hospital posted a photo with them holding a sign that says: "We Stay Here For You, Please Stay Home For Us."

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Similar images have been making the rounds on social media.

U.S. leaders say being in groups could help spread the coronavirus.

Americans should avoid crowds and not leave the house except when possible, help to prevent the disease.

The governor of California has ordered a lockdown for more than 40 million people.

As of Friday morning, there are more than 244,000 confirmed cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.