New Mexico teenager forced to live in tent as punishment

Posted at 1:22 PM, Jun 30, 2016

(KOB, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) Two New Mexico parents are teaching their teenage son a lesson by having him live in a tent.

His bad behavior began with poor grades.

The parents banned him from using electronic devices of any kind, but he took his sister's tablet and iPod.

His father called the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department to ask if he and his wife could punish their son by putting him outside.

"And they said -- nothing. You are not depriving him of anything and we're not, except for maybe air conditioning," mother Angela Boggus laughed.

Some have told the Boggus family on social media that this is cruel, especially with it being so hot outside.

Angela says they tried everything else, so it came to this. She says he can come inside to get water, use the restroom, eat and shower. But he has to get permission.

"He has to knock on our door just like a visitor would because he disrespected our home and he disrespected rules," Boggus said. "And like we told him - here, it's disrespect and out there it's a felony and you go to prison."

There is nothing luxurious about living outside in a tent during the summer here in New Mexico.

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