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Mobile IDs slowly gaining acceptance

Posted at 10:33 AM, Aug 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 10:33:03-04

You can use your phone to ride the subway, buy things groceries, and now prove your identity. Mobile IDs are rolling out in ten states this year.

Leading the charge is IDEMIA, the company that currently controls about 80 percent of drivers licenses.

Biometric authentication ensures only you can access your ID, and there are special characteristics to prevent spoofs.

During a traffic stop, officers could simply ping your phone to verify your ID. "They can do that without you having to hand over your device," says IDEMIA's Matthew Thompson.

As much as everyone loves visiting the DMV, more mobile functionality could mean you have to go there less often.

Still, there are roadblocks to adoption and the chance that some citizens could get left behind.

"Some folks don't have smartphones, some folks can't afford smartphones," notes CNET's Roger Cheng.

The digital IDs also need to be universally accepted across state lines.

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