Max Motor Dreams: Ford makes crib that simulates car ride to try to soothe babies

Posted at 12:58 PM, Apr 10, 2017

(CNN) - Sometimes it takes a ride in the car to get a baby to sleep, so Ford Motor Company is tapping into that phenomenon.

Ford has created a prototype for a new kind of crib that simulates a car ride.

The "MAX Motor Dreams" looks like a designer bassinet from the outside, except with a large Ford logo and few cool bells and whistles.


A speaker under the baby plays gentle engine sounds, and the base of the crib slowly rocks from side to side, simulating the sensation of a moving car.

The rim of the crib is lined with led lights that turn on and off, like passing under street lights.

The crib was designed for Ford as part of an advertising campaign to promote its MAX line of cars.

The car company is holding a raffle for the crib.

Ford says it is considering mass producing it due to popular demand.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource