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Leapin' lizards! California officer gets quite a fright when a lizard jumps near her during search

Posted at 9:07 AM, Nov 12, 2019

CHICO, Calif.-- A police officer was given quite a fright when a lizard leaped from a man's coat during a search in California.

Body-camera video from the Chico Police Department shows an officer searching the man's coat when she suddenly yelps and jumps away when the tiny reptile jumps near her.

Leapin' lizards! Cop gets quite a fright

The man being searched apologizes and says he forgot about it. The man also didn't get to keep the lizard.

A second officer in the video can be heard saying, "Unfortunately, he ran off."

The Chico Police Department did not reveal the man's identity or why he was being searched.