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Kleopto-pup! Meet Kevin, the dog thief

Posted at 11:03 AM, Apr 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-05 11:03:43-04

AUSTIN, Tx. (NBC) - There's a thief running amok at the Austin Animal Center.

Stealing food, clothing... Even someone's purse!

He's compiling a rather large collection, but what he really needs - is a home.

A blanket here, a sandwich there "spare change, a purse, clothing," said Jennifer Olohan from the animal center. All disappearing.

"I'll go in there and I'll notice his pile happens to be a little bit bigger than the last time I was in there," said Caitlyn Kretsinger also from the center.

Caitlyn knows the culprit. He goes by Kevin. "We have noticed he is a bit of kleptomaniac," she says.

Kevin lives in an office at the Austin Animal Center because they don't have a free kennel.

"Pretty much all of our offices have a dog in them," said Jennifer

Over time he's built a collection of stolen goods. Toys, food bowls, shirts. Anything within reach.

But he doesn't strike until no one's around.

"I think he's trying the best he can to maintain that presence by taking our stuff," Caitlyn said.

Kevin's owner surrendered him. He's been living here for four and a half months.

"He doesn't really have a whole lot, you know. He's got a couple toys, he's got his food bowl and he's got his bed, but that's really all he has," said Jennifer.

So, he steals.

"He's made it into a nest, and he sleeps as close in to the center of the nest as possible surrounded by all the things that smell like us," added Caitlyn.

Like all the animals here. He needs a home because everyone deserves a second chance.

"I think he's actually asking for help, someone to come take him home," Caitlyn said.

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