House Speaker Paul Ryan thwarts congressman's son from 'dabbing' during dad's swearing-in

Posted at 6:58 AM, Jan 04, 2017

(CNN) - A new U.S. congressman's son thought dad's swearing-in ceremony was a perfect time to "dab," but House Speaker Paul Ryan was pretty confused with what was going on.

Video shows Kansas Republican Roger Marshall being sworn in.


During the ceremony, Marshall's son, standing between dad and the house speaker, tried to dab.  The dance move was popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback star cam newton.

Ryan apparently was unaware of what "dabbing" is, asking Marshall's son if he was alright and needed to sneeze and then asked him to put his arm down.

The new congressman was also not amused by his son’s actions, later writing on Twitter that he grounded his son for the stunt.

Courtesy: CNN Newsource