Customer leaves $1,088 tip at restaurant, asks for it back

Posted at 2:33 PM, Jun 15, 2016

A busy Sunday at Thailicious restaurant paid off for one hostess when she opened a check holder.

“She was in disbelief,” said the owner of Thailcious, Nithiwadee Anantatho.

She said the hostess was surprised to find a thousand dollar tip left behind.

The man behind the generous tip drank three glasses of wine while waiting on his food. He then paid the bill, left the big tip and walked out.

“We thought 'Oh really? He must be a millionaire,'" said Anantatho.

The customer returned back the next day to get his $1,000 dollar tip. He confessed that it was a mistake since he was drunk.

“I asked him if he put the money in the check book and said he wasn’t sure because he got a little drunk,” said Anantatho.

The restaurant returned the money back and the customer left a tip of $50