Cops bust hatchet-wielding clown in North Carolina

Posted at 9:06 AM, Oct 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-12 13:27:15-04

(WCNC, NBC NEWSCHANNEL) A hatchet-wielding clown is facing charges after entering a North Carolina gas station and frightening several customers.

Tony Underwood of the Union County Sheriff's office says 20-year old Travis Pressley was found near the Indian Trail Wilco/Hess station with marijuana and the hatchet in his backpack.

"Just when you think you've seen it all you see something else that'll only surprise you," Underwood told

Underwood says 20-year old Travis Pressley went into a Wilco Hess gas station in Indian Trail yesterday multiple times, frightening customers with his face painted like a clown. Underwood says Pressley's face did have even more paint on it before his mug shot was taken.

"Dressing as a clown in and of itself is not illegal," Underwood said. "However, if you're doing something that is illegal while dressed as a clown we're going to take action."

Investigators say Pressley told them he was only trying to scare his friends.

Pressley was charged with trespassing, carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana possession, but he did post his bail and is out of jail.

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