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An eco-friendly house in Cortez, Florida

Generating power in your home from the sun
Posted at 9:55 AM, Apr 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-22 09:55:40-04

CORTEZ, Fla. - A new community in Florida is making big strides in sustainability.

Deep in the heart of historic Cortez fishing village facing the Anna Maria sound is a vision for a new norm in sustainable living.

"We're talking about generating power in your own home from our Florida sun. What better thing could you have and a pride factor of generating power on your own home," says Marshall Gobuty.

Marshall gobuty, president of pearl homes calling the project, hunters point.

"It's an 86-home community aimed at making a net zero carbon footprint. That means it's as eco-friendly as possible," Jennifer Veglis reports.

Powering your home beyond solar panels.

"The solution that we found here is to have a battery connected to the home, the battery takes all the power from the solar panels and the house operates off the battery," says Gobuty.

Smart homes using Google's artificial intelligence to eliminate an electric bill.

Ensuring each home's battery never reaches below 4 percent sourcing power from a grid as plan b.

"The google system and the battery itself talk and say when is the least costly time to take the power from the utility and it goes right into charging the battery," says Gobuty.

Using your voice instead of your hands.

"You want to relax, 'hey google turn the lights to blue'"

Constructed in carbon fiber material, strong enough to withstand a category 5 storm.

"Manatee county, our backyard, would be the leaders in technologically advanced home building, which is amazing," Gobuty says.

Pearl homes will open their model home to the public next month, hoping to sell all properties by August.

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