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5-year-old driver gets a ride in a Lamborghini one day after being pulled over on a busy highway

Posted at 1:56 PM, May 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-06 13:56:44-04

A five-year-old boy was given the chance to ride in his dream car one day after he was pulled over on a busy Utah highway.

Adrian Zamarripa's sister was watching him Monday when she accidentally fell asleep.

The five-year-old then grabbed the keys and took off in his parents' car, saying he wanted to drive to California and buy a Lamborghini.

Adrian was eventually pulled over by a Utah highway patrol trooper and later returned home.

Video of Adrian's stunt went viral, prompting Lamborghini owner Jeremy Neves to reach out to his family.

He said he couldn't pass up the chance to let adrian ride in his car.

"I'm not encouraging kids to go out and take their parents car and do anything illegal," Neves said. "But I'm absolutely inspired by the principles that he displayed of success... of knowing what he wants going after it."

Adrian's sister, Sidney Estrada, said, "I'm happy that he got to experience it this way, despite everything that's happening. He got it."

The Zamarripas said they are keeping the keys out of reach and making sure their five-year-old knows not to do it again.

Meanwhile, more offerings are coming through, including a company in California that wants to fly Adrian out to see some Lamborghinis.