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15-pound baby born at New York hospital, breaks record

Posted at 12:07 PM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 16:36:51-04

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — The biggest baby on record at Arnot Odgen Medical Center was born this week to parents who thought they would never have a child of their own.

Joi Buckley, from Corning, gave birth this week to her 15-pound miracle baby girl, Harper Buckley.

"I knew she was going to be big, but I didn't anticipate a 15 pound baby," said Buckley.

It wasn't always such a happy story. Just a few years ago, Joi and her husband were told by doctors they had less than a 15 percent chance of becoming pregnant.

"I still had some resentment," said Buckley. "So and so is pregnant, they have six kids, why are they getting pregnant again?"

After trying for about seven years, the Buckleys decided to adopt.

It was in May of 2016 when their first miracle happened. Joi found out she was pregnant, later giving birth to an 11-pound baby boy.

Less than two years later, an even bigger surprise. The Buckley's second child, a baby girl, was born at Arnot Ogden Medical Center on Tuesday.

"The thing I've always wanted to do is be a mom, and finding out the first time I was overjoyed," said Buckley. "It's something I've always wanted to do."

Baby Harper was taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to have her sugar and oxygen levels monitored. That is where she remains today.

"It's definitely hard but I know she wont be here forever. She'll be coming home soon," said Buckley.

Joi and her husband hope their story will give other couples struggling with infertility hope.

"Don't give up cause its right here. It's definitely right there. My kids are total proof of that," said Buckley.