Newborn weighs in at 14.4 pounds

Posted at 9:18 AM, Jun 09, 2016

(KAKE, CNN NEWSOURCE) Meet Moses William Hilton. He was born 11 days early.

"I was ready. He's huge so I was like, ‘okay let's go,’" his mother Gina said.

"Nervous scared excited. I think I went through just about every emotion there was," said his father Les.

Baby Moses is the third child of the Hiltons. He came into this world, weighing 14.4 pounds. 

"When they took him out, the nurse said, 'it's a mini sumo wrestler'. I said 'what?'  Then they showed me him and I was like, 'that is a sumo wrestler.’”

Gina and Les were expecting a 10 pound baby since their daughters each weighed nine.

"She was just so small to me, and she wasn't really all that small. But, I mean, so small to me. And then when I saw him, I was like, 'oh my goodness.' It's night and day difference," Les said.

The 14 pound newborn also shocked the nurses at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

"Just surprising how different that feels to hold a baby that big, and just to look at a baby with those chubby cheeks, they're even chubbier than what you'd normal expect on babies," said Jill White with the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

When Moses was measured on Thursday he was 22 inches long. Nurses say the typical length of a newborn is between 19 and 20 inches.

"He's wearing six to nine months. Grandma went out and bought this because the clothes we brought didn't fit," his mother said.

The Hiltons are already thinking about their child’s future.

"I was thinking linebacker, basketball, you know, all kinds of different sports. But in reality, all I want is him to be healthy and happy," his dad said.

Baby Moses is expected to remain in the hospital a little while longer due to blood sugar issues and jaundice.