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Martin County Sheriff's Office makes arrests in stolen tires case

Posted at 7:47 PM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-01 04:30:55-04

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. — Martin County Sheriff William Snyder says Monday, two thieves returned to the scene of their crimes and this time his office was prepared to make an arrest.

Snyder says his helicopter caught them red-handed.

"We'd knew they'd come back," he said.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office arrested Rayquan Campbell and Jermain Allen.

Snyder said they are responsible for stealing tires and rims off several cars in the Crossing At Indian Run and 5 miles away at the Martin Crossings Community.

"They jacked the vehicles up took the wheels, lowered the vehicles down on blocks," he said.

In March, we talked with Christina Concepcion whose car was stripped. She told us the theft left her devastated, Tuesday she had a different tone.

"I'm so happy, I'm very happy," she said. "Justice is served."

Concepcion is just one of several people who had their tires and rims stolen. Snyder said they believe Allen and Campbell stole tires and rims from drivers in Miami-Dade County and all the way north to St. Lucie County.

"We never stopped looking," he said.

Detectives believe the pair were targeting Toyotas and Hondas. The sheriff says once they'd strip the cars they would sell a set of them for around $700 online. Even with the arrests, Concepcion says she'll still be keeping a close eye on her car.

"I mean I constantly come outside to check on my vehicle. Even with the locks and cameras you never know," she said.

Sheriff Snyder says because the thieves traveled from a different area to commit the crimes they will face even more charges.

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