Work from home opportunities on the rise

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 27, 2017

Flex time, telecommuting and four day work week are all buzz words for employees seeking work life balance.  Taking Action reporter Jackie Callaway shows us how competition for the best workers combined with a shortage of office space has created a win win for job applicants.

"I do have some time sheets I need to do," said Olya Schafer who works as a project manager from the comfort of her home office. "If you do your work well no one will question how you spent your time."

Technology enables this military wife to work wherever there is an internet connection.

"A lot of work is done by Google docs so several people can be in a document working together," said Schafer.

Onyx, the company Schafer works for, understands a happy employee is a productive employee.

"If you are organized your days can be pretty fun and flexible," said Schafer.

When it comes to work from home and flex time opportunities, Moffitt Cancer Center is one of the pioneers in Tampa Bay. They've been offering employees flex time and other opportunities for a decade.

"We needed to provide options," said Mariana Bugallo Muros who is the Chief HR Officer at Moffitt Cancer Center .

Bugallo Muros added that allowing finance, IT and other departments to work from home freed up valuable office space and gave the company a competitive edge as an employer.

"The ability to change your schedule and cover the needs of the family is very important," said Bugallo Muros.

Moffitt also offers four day work weeks and flex schedules. It's a growing trend that more companies are picking up on.

According to, companies including Sykes, K Force, USF, Shriners, UT and Lowry Park Zoo offer certain employees work at home positions.

  1. Sykes
  2. Kforce
  3. i9 sports
  4. University of south Florida
  5. Shriners hospitals for children
  6. Cunningham Lindsey group
  7. Health integrated
  8. University of Tampa
  9. Tampa's lowry park zoo
  10. livingHR
  11. Grow financial federal credit union
  12. Veredus corporation

For Schafer it's a perfect fit and she plans to telecommute for years to come.