State confirms Martin Co. boy hurt by pesticide

Posted at 8:16 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 20:16:20-04

A joint investigation by the Florida Department of Health and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services  has now confirmed what a Martin County boy's family has been claiming since August 17th: 10-year- old Peyton McCaughey was in fact poisoned by pesticides.

Peyton's parents say the poisoning has left their son with a catastrophic brain injury.

The McCaughey family hired Terminix to fumigate their home but Terminix ended up subcontracting the job to Sunland Pest Control.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the family Tuesday says Terminix and Sunland failed to verify the home was safe before giving the OK to go back.

Just hours later Peyton was rushed to the hospital and has yet to return home.

Peyton's uncle Ed Gribben spoke about his nephew's progress just before results of the state investigation was released.

"It's hopeful and encouraging that he has made some improvement but he's nowhere near the kid that he used to be. So nobody knows if his improvement stops today. Today might be the best that he's gonna be," said Gribben. He says his nephew still requires round the clock care and may for the rest of his life.

The results of the joint investigation between the Florida Departments of Agriculture and Health could have major implications for the lawsuit the McCaugheys filed against Terminix and Sunland Pest Control. 

Terminix and Sunland  were reached for comment but have yet to respond.

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