Kenny G serenades airplane with impromptu in-flight concert

Grammy winner raised $2,000 for Relay for Life
Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 23, 2017

Passengers on a Delta airlines flight were treated to a mini-concert by Grammy-winning Saxophonist Kenny G while traveling from Tampa to Los Angeles early Saturday morning.

According to flier Chuck Cave, who was on the flight, the passenger sitting next to Kenny G was an off-duty flight attendant. Her daughter had died of brain cancer and she asked Kenny G to play. The head flight attendant told passengers that Kenny G would perform if passengers donated a $1,000 to cancer charity Relay for Life.

Cave said the passengers raised about $2,000. Kenny G held up his promise and performed for passengers, playing his saxophone while walking up and down the aisle of the airplane.

Cave said it was an early morning flight and the cabin was quiet and sleepy but as soon as it was announced that Kenny G would perform, everyone became excited. Cave said, "Everyone was happy the whole flight."