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Teacher who makes inspiring bracelets now making bracelets full-time

Posted at 7:18 PM, Nov 10, 2021

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Marilee Root wakes up every morning at five o'clock. She used to wake up at 4 a.m. when she was a teacher.

"I knew the power of words, right. I knew our kids especially needed words that were going to be right there on their wrist, to remind them of the greatness that they have within them," said Root, founder and creator of Make Your Great.

The bracelets are called GEE*Band that are made with powerful words.

"So, I created the GEE*Band, g-e-e for bungee," she said.

During the last school year, Root's third grade students were nervous about testing, so she made each of them a bracelet with their favorite encouraging word.

One of her students was Grace Fischer, who loved her bracelet with the word “yet.”

"This one, I like it, because even though I can't do some things, instead of saying to myself, ‘I can't do this,' I can say, ‘I can't do this yet,'" said Fischer.

It caught on and people started paying Root to make them a GEE*Band. Due to the demand, she did not return to the classroom this school year.

"I've been working with teachers across the country and doing the exact same thing that I am doing with my class,” Root said. “Setting your tone for the week, setting your words for the week. A single word can change my attitude."

She wanted to inspire others, but they are inspiring her.

"The people I have met, the connections I have made, the stories I am hearing from people and how this simple bungee bracelet with their word how it has changed them, inspired them and empowered them and reminded them of what they already have inside, they just needed that reminder,” Root said. “I think it's been more life changing for me."

Root said there's power in words.

"Show up, let's go, I can, I will, a lot of those. I can, I will,"she said. "Be beautiful, hype starter, believe, unstoppable, shark mode, prime-time, lime, later gator."

A story behind powerful words.

"When they reach out to me and they share that story, it's just such a like a head nod, like yes thank you,” Root said. “This is exactly why we are all here, is to inspire each other and to bring out the greatness in everyone."

To learn more about Gee*Band click here.

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