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New mural with Florida Flora theme in West Palm Beach

Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach
Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach
Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach
Posted at 2:10 PM, Dec 22, 2021

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — With every stroke of a paintbrush, Florida Flora is coming to life. The mural is located at a gateway into the city of West Palm Beach off Okeechobee Boulevard just west of Parker Avenue.

"I think my use of patterns and bright colors became a big play hopefully into why they chose me. The pattern that goes throughout this entire mural is intended to give it movement," said Daniel "R5" Barojas, who is an artist and muralist from St. Petersburg.

He was chosen from among dozens of artists.

Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach

"Have to get these leaves done and the outline goes on top then it will have a halo around it. this is the center focal point, it's a young sapling symbolizing new life and new birth," he said.

Life and growth in the city. The city says an average of 64,000 vehicles drive daily in this area.

"The city was able to partner with Florida Power and Light they've been great partners. They own the wall, we own the space and we approached them and said would you be open to this," said Sybille Welter, the Administrator of Public Art and Culture.

The ArtLife West Palm Beach committee advises the city commission on public art projects. They wanted a work of art that is welcoming, colorful and expresses something about nature.

Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach

"We have wonderful museums, theaters, we have this, and we are just adding further to that cultural experience." Daniel added, "The idea is that you are looking at these different green groups and they create a sense of depth from each other, and they carry towards the center of the piece. The pattern itself used up about 60 cans of transparent spray paint and I've gone through maybe 40 gallons of paint."

The city says ArtLife is the city's public art program that is funded.

“The program mandates that funds totaling 1% of public and private development projects throughout the City be set aside for the inclusion of art. No tax dollars fund the program,” said a city spokesperson.

Florida Flora mural in West Palm Beach